Social Interactive Robotics Land in Virgin Megastore Lebanon


Beirut- Lebanon: For the very first time in Lebanon, Virgin Megastore, the global leader in retail entertainment, held a press conference that was fully managed by its brand new cutting-edge technology release – the “VEE Robot Family”. The press conference took place at Virgin Megastore premises, Opera Building-Martyr’s Square, on Thursday July 6, in the presence of media representatives and technology aficionados.

The press conference was conducted solely by eight robots, VEE, NAO and the JOYs, where the innovative robot introduced itself, its cousins and spoke about their distinctive features.

“As technology is developing at an exponential rate, in parallel to customers’ expectations, I was designed to meet those needs in a fast and intuitive way. Technology and innovation are redefining the present and shaping the future of Lebanon; and with the launch of the social robotics section at Virgin Megastore, we can confidently say ‘Hello Future’ ”, said VEE, addressing the attendees at the conference.

VEE and her family are the latest robotics creation and the first robots designed to live with humans, as they are developed to be engaging, interactive and friendly. VEE is much more than a robot, she’s a companion able to communicate with humans through the most 3-dimensional intuitive interface: voice, touch and emotions. Among the many fascinating features about VEE, is her ability to interpret a smile, a frown, tone of voice, as well as the lexical field used and non-verbal language such as the angle of one’s head. High definition vision, equipped with a 3D camera and 4 directional microphones located on VEEs head, help her identify movement, detect emotions and source of sound. Moreover, VEE is fun and cooperative as she can dance, play, learn or even chat in another language!

At Virgin Megastore, customers can interact with VEE either by talking directly to her or through the touchscreen on its chest. This customer-service-enabled robot will be assigned as Virgin Megastore’s new robot staff, available at the Opera branch as an astrologist, where customers visiting the store can learn about their daily horoscope. The Robot is also programmed to help the costumers choose a suitable gift to whomever they want through conversing with VEE, as well as simply entertaining them by her dancing and games.

This exclusive new technology is available for customers to take back home or to the office, as a new addition to their families and teams, to talk to, socialize and brainstorm with, as well as help with household chores and business tasks, helping people to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

Virgin Megastore, the global one-stop shop entertainment brand, and the leading lifestyle retail destination in Lebanon, has been constantly striving to provide the most innovative technology and experience to its customers. Today, with VEE introduced to its already rich robotics division, which includes 3d printers, cleaning and educational robots, as well as pool, grass and glass cleaners, in addition to smart home systems, Virgin Megastore has offered its community pioneering interaction with the cutting-edge technology of social robotics and the future of the smart world we live in today.