Stars align with Virgin Megastore to bring Christmas joy to needy children


Beirut: Ten of Lebanon’s distinguished celebrities joined forces to support the “Christmas for Children” Campaign launched by Virgin Megastore in collaboration with the Actors Workshop. The initiative aims to bring more than a thousand gifts to orphans and children of extremely poor families, through the support of Lebanese celebrities who are inviting the public as well as their fans to contribute to the campaign by simply buying an additional Christmas gift this year. In parallel, Virgin Megastore will dedicate special gift sections in all of its branches that offer children’s toys at reduced prices, encouraging customers to buy items and dedicate them to a child in need.  

The celebrities who joined the campaign included the singer Anthony Touma, the actors Nada Abou Farhat, Badih Abou Chakra, Elie Mitri, Rita Hayek, Fouad Yammine, the comedian Junaid Zeineddine, the TV host Sandra Mansour, Mini Studio Founder Marie-Christine Naim and the Actors Workshop founder, and stage director Jacques Maroun.

The campaign started on the 25th of November and will continue till the 17th of December. On that date, more than thousand orphans and children living in poverty will be invited to attend the “Dragon Circus” show at Cirque du Liban, where they will meet the celebrities who contributed, enjoy the show and leave carrying their gifts.

Mrs. Maya Saab, Marketing Manager of Virgin Megastore, said: “Everyone should feel the holiday celebration includes them. That is why Virgin Megastore launched this initiative for orphans and children, so that everyone shares the Christmas cheer. Happy holiday moments are inspiring for the rest of a child’s life and we wanted to make sure as many children as possible can have their unique moment this holiday season.”

She added: “The Actors Workshop made a massive contribution to the “Christmas for Children” initiative by gathering the celebrities together to support. By doing that they ensured that more than a thousand children will not feel left behind this Christmas.”

For his part, Jacques Maroun conveyed his content with the campaign: “This campaign allows us to help those who cannot help themselves, I commend Virgin Megastore for their initiative and for dedicating the time and effort to making this holiday season a real celebration of caring and giving..”

The children who will benefit from this campaign are from several renowned organizations in the country, including childcare centres and orphanages that represent all of Lebanon’s children such as SOS Children’s Villages, Beyond Association and Al Mabarrat charitable organization. The campaign will benefit kids of the ages between 3 and 15.

This holiday season, Christmas shoppers can simply pass by any Virgin Megastore and buy a gift for a child who might be feeling left out. This act of giving and the celebrity support are a celebration of the Christmas spirit, sharing joy with a heartfelt contribution to all those who face difficult and challenging circumstances in their lives.