Super Stamp App introduces the 1st Digital Stamp Card Loyalty Wallet in U.A.E., helping Residents & Tourists to go Paperless with their Plastic & Paper Loyalty Cards.


Dubai, UAE: The “Super Stamp” platform, is the first of its kind in the U.A.E. with its USP of having Digital Loyalty Cards on the mobile & allowing customers to get Digital Stamps on their Loyalty Cards, Redeeming Digital Rewards & Welcome Offers on various segments – Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Beauty Salons to Laundries, Pet Grooming & more.

Plastic & paper loyalty cards that would mostly end up in the bin or be lost, Super Stamp simplifies the concept of loyalty stamp cards through their mobile app, not just for end customers but businesses as well.

The CEO & Founder of Super Stamp, Wasif Amin said “Super Stamp App is not just a marketplace of Digital Loyalty Cards but also a SAAS (Software-as-a-Solution) for businesses to keep track of the digital stamps given to customers, where & when, with analytics on sales generated from their loyal customers via a web-dashboard. The web-dashboard not only helps businesses understand the demographics of their customers, to effectively plan their marketing, but it also provides them with marketing tools within the dashboard to engage with their loyal customers”

Actively seeking for Venture Capitalists, Super Stamp continues to grow & plan to expand in the GCC, South Asia, USA & Canada region.

About Us:

Super Stamp App took a notch up with the traditional printed Loyalty Stamp Cards, by digitalizing them via their mobile app since January 2021. With over 200+ outlets onboard and over 25K+ app downloads, Super Stamp continues to help businesses create Digital Loyalty Cards and enable Digital Stamps & Rewards. With a seamless customer experience, Super Stamp also helps businesses analyze sales from their loyalty customers and their demographics via a web-dashboard. Super Stamp continues to build a Super Community of loyal customers and businesses to grow. Go Digital. Go Paperless.