Tabuk Surgeons save 2-year-old from fatal glass table wound


Almost tragedy fly’s young girl to a 2-hour operation

Riyadh: A surgical team in Tabuk (Northern Saudi Arabia) managed on Tuesday, October 18, to save the life of a young girl who was cut in the jugular vein while playing on a glass table.

The two-and-a-half-year-old girl was playing on a glass table in her house, which collapsed beneath her, leaving her with a deep cut and severe bleeding.

The girl’s family ran her to the nearby King Khaled Hospital within minutes, where she was immediately admitted to the operating room, suffering from trauma and a severe drop in blood pressure due to bleeding. She was met with a team consisting of a vascular consultant, an ENT consultant, and a pediatric consultant.

The medical team confirmed that the source of the bleeding was a cut in the upper region of the left jugular vein, which was successfully stopped. The girl has regained consciousness after the two-hour operation and is currently recovering in the hospital.