Riyadh: Saudi Minister of Health, Fahd Al-Jalajel, confirmed the pilgrim’s health status after the day of Arafat on Friday 8th┬áJuly, as reassuring. Stressing that health services provided in this Hajj are at full capacity.

He praised the pilgrim’s adherence to safety measures, and general awareness of the necessity of umbrellas and hydration to avoid heat strokes. Sighting three cases of heat exhaustion that were recorded among pilgrims today.

He added, during an interview with the Al-Ekhbariya news channel, that this year’s Hajj is exceptional considering the pandemic, although more numbers were allowed to attend due to the high level of vaccinations in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

He added that other health threats were considered, such as sunstroke and heat stress, as well as epidemic threats such as monkeypox.

Al-Jalajil stressed that the ministry’s early preparations, infrastructure readiness, application of requirements, as well as field preparation of all possible scenarios had a profound impact on the milestone achieved.