Abu Dhabi:  Tala Al Ramahi, Director at the Office of Strategic Affairs and Acting Managing Director for The Reach Campaign emphasized that Reach builds on the UAE’s late Founding Father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s legacy of giving, highlighting that his vision and personal commitment are what started the UAE’s philanthropy journey.On the occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day, Tala stated: “As we commemorate the occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day – a significant day on the UAE calendar, we pay tribute to the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed, and the pivotal role he played through his selfless humanitarian work.

“Sheikh Zayed’s legacy of giving, and his dedication to the improvement of humanity, continues to this day. His vision and commitment paved the way for the UAE leadership’s  philanthropy journey.  During the country’s foundational years, Sheikh Zayed ensured that investments were made in the nation’s development and this guiding principle of creating a prosperous future for the UAE also translated into investing our country’s wealth in the service of humanity beyond our own borders.


“It is those values that guide us on The Reach Campaign as we build on the foundations that he laid and the footsteps of taken by our leadership after him, as we work towards eliminating Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) that are impacting millions of vulnerable people in some of the most impoverished communities around the world.

“Investing in global health is an effective way to achieve greater prosperity, to protect communities worldwide from infectious diseases, and to uplift communities from vicious cycles of poverty and helplessness. Making sure individuals are not suffering from these diseases wherever they reside around the world were principles that he had advocated for, and we are as determined as ever to take his legacy forward to end two devastating NTDs – river blindness and lymphatic filariasis – by embodying those same principles that he taught us.”

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