TDRA Virtual Academy Launches Professional Programs in collaboration with International Tech Companies

  • Eng. Majid Almadhloum: These programs provide training opportunities for ICT personnel and contribute to building and developing their future skills.
  • 90,000 trainees have benefited from the Academy’s programs so far.
Eng. Majid Almadhloum, Director of the Centre of Digital Innovation (CoDI)

UAE: The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced that its virtual academy is now offering professional certificates in a number of courses it provides for those wishing to enhance their professional skills and increase their opportunities for career growth. TDRA indicated that it is in the process of concluding a number of collaboration agreements with international technology companies to provide training programs that grant accredited professional certificates in ICT and digital transformation.

Focusing on professional programs aims to develop national human cadres working in ICT sector and give them opportunities of learning and training in leading international tech companies, thus increasing their chances of obtaining better job opportunities in government and private sectors.

TDRA highlighted that the professional programs offered by its virtual academy support the growing market needs for qualified experts and entrepreneurs who are capable of leading the digital transformation process in the UAE and leveraging digital capabilities and advanced ICT infrastructure.

Commenting on these programs, Eng. Majid Almadhloum, Director of the Centre of Digital Innovation (CoDI), said: “TDRA Virtual Academy, through its new direction towards providing professional certificates accredited by international entities, seek to meet the current needs of the labor market, as the market demand increased for employees and specialists who obtain accredited professional certificates. To this end, TDRA concluded an agreement with Amazon to provide a number of professional programs, and it is currently in the process of concluding further agreements with other international companies, to increase the number of professional programs, and to provide more options for young people, to obtain training that enhances their professional competencies and future skills and helps them get better job opportunities.”

He added: “Professional programs constitute training opportunities for ICT personnel in government entities, and contribute to preparing and training national cadres on the latest international technologies to enhance the government digital transformation capabilities, in addition to expanding business opportunities of government entities and enhancing their competitiveness in providing digital services, thus raising generations that have the skills necessary to build the country’s digital future.”

TDRA Virtual Academy has launched previously a number of professional programs, such as the program to develop Emirati entrepreneurs’ skills in cloud computing, which aims to support national capabilities in the field of cloud computing and qualify government ICT employees. It also launched the Digital Services Designers Program to support digital service designers in federal entities and qualify those concerned with designing and re-engineering services, as well as IT staff supporting service design departments and sections, and providing them with the concepts and foundations of digital service design.

TDRA announced that the number of beneficiaries of the programs offered by TDRA Virtual Academy reached nearly 90,000 trainees, while the number of trainees in the TDRA Innovation Camp reached 20,500 trainees.

TDRA Virtual Academy focuses, through its training programs, on developing technical, professional and entrepreneurship skills. TDRA Academy has launched a large number of programs that meet the current needs, such as time management and increasing productivity programs. The Academy announces new courses in the field of digital transformation periodically.