Rapid intervention teams treat strokes and analyze scans in under 30 minutes

Riyadh: Saudi Ministry of Health announced Sunday 10th July that Seha Virtual Hospital SVH in the capital Riyadh succeeded in providing services to pilgrims in Makkah and the Holy Sites, as it contributed to the diagnosis of 4 cases of stroke, completed the analysis of 6 remote x-rays, and contributed to saving the life of a complex case that required remote critical care service. It added that the number of pilgrims who benefited from virtual medical consultation through the SEHATY app exceeded 1,700 cases.

Medical services provided by SVH have been linked with the Holy Sites hospitals, under the supervision of a team of consultants working around the clock within 3 main departments: virtual radiology, virtual stroke, and virtual intensive care.

The ministry indicated that these departments provided support for 13 hospitals working within the holy site’s area.

A digital target for this year’s Hajj season was to provide a comprehensive report on x-rays of all types, including CTs, MRIs, and ultrasounds, within 30 minutes from the time it was administered to the patient.

The ministry stated that it has added virtual stroke services this year, due to it being one of the most common causes of death and permanent disability. Especially since the golden window for treatment does not exceed 4.5 hours, in addition to the scarcity of the number of specialists working in this field.

The Stroke and Intensive Care teams at Seha Virtual Hospital made several field visits to hospitals before the start of the Hajj season, to ensure their readiness. Staff was given lectures and field training on ways to identify and diagnose cases and how to use telemedicine equipment to facilitate virtual tours.

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