Khalifa Saif al-Muhairbi, Chairman of Arabian Gulf Investment Company

The Future Forum for the Arab Investment( FF2020AI) has granted Emirati businessman, Khalifa Saif Al Muhairbi, Chairman of Arabian Gulf Investment Company, its annual prize, announcing him the 2021 Arab Real Estate man in appreciation of his strenuous efforts in supporting the development of the real estate domain in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general under the current repercussions of the international crisis of  Covid 19 which has passively affected all the Arab and international economic sectors.

This was announced today by the FF2020AI which is also known as Davos of the Arabs, which represents an Arab entity and umbrella supporting the sustainable development initiatives in the vital sectors in order to achieve a quantum leap in the progress of the Arab development. It is worth mentioning that the agenda of the FF2020AI, which has been launched by the Emirati Estesmarat Magazine, aims to get the membership of all the Arab national investment agencies and authorities in addition to the membership of more than 13 thousand investment entities in the Arab states and Israel by the end of 2021.  

The FF2020AI has indicated al-Muhairbi’s success to attract huge foreign investments especially from China by promoting the privileges of the real estate sector in the UAE. This is in addition to his adoption of an innovative approach as well as his credibility, administrative integrity in the real estate brokerage sector and multiple humanitarian initiatives.

A Quantum Leap

Khalifa al-Muhairbi belongs to a generation of Arab youth who succeeded to make a difference and achieve a quantum leap in the concepts of real estate brokerage so that it now focuses on the standards of attracting the foreign investments to the Arab states in general and the UAE in particular.  

Al-Muhairbi began his career in 2008 with the beginning of the world financial crisis as he succeeded in analyzing the economic developments in the region and adapting his business to the repercussions of the crisis. Hence, he could capitalize on the huge changes and developments that occurred in the legislative and infra- structures of the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi under the policy of empowerment adopted by the wise leadership of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This helped him expand his businesses during the past ten years and to contract for new deals amounting to billions of dirhams. Al-Muhairbi could also attract investments in the real estate sector of Abu Dhabi and the UAE from 22 countries demonstrating the efficiency of the Arab youth in the different economic sectors. 

Humanitarian Initiatives

Commenting on this, Mr. Mohamed Shams el-Din, the chairman and founder of the FF2020AI and the editor in chief of the Emirati Estesmarat Magazine said: Today we, again, see another inspiring model for the Arab youth who could confirm his success through his access into the real estate sector, which is considered one of the most important sectors supporting the economic development, and which is mainly based on the real estate brokerage which in its turn has a great effect on the progress of the real estate sector and hence the economy of any country. With his credible policies which he adopts in all his dealings, al-Muhairbi could expand the businesses of his group establishing more than 10 companies covering the different Arab and Emirati economic development sectors. Al-Muhairbi is also known for his great support of the humanitarian and social institutions in the Arab World on top of which comes Dr Magdi Yacoub Medical center. This is in addition to many other initiatives that confirm the positive impact of the investment thought and activities on all the different sectors of the social responsibility.

A Golden Membership

In appreciation of his multiple contributions, the FF2020AI Board of Directors has decided to grant Khalifa Saif al-Muhairbi, Chairman of Arabian Gulf Investment Company, the certificate of the FF2020AI’s golden membership which is granted only to a few prominent Arab businessmen who have records of achievements that support the progress of the Arab economy. 

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