Top 4 Technology Gift Ideas for Eid Al Adha


With Eid Al Adha fast-approaching, excitement is building ahead of one the most cherished and enjoyable occasions. As families and friends come together to celebrate, give thanks, and revel in the spirit of togetherness, the occasion always calls for an exchange of gifts. At Samsung, we are always keen to play our part by helping to bring joy, happiness, and excitement to people of all ages. For those in search of a present like no other, here are four suggestions that will make your mission easy and successful: 

1. Color vibrancy like never before: As people turn to TVs as an outlet for their passions, Samsung has developed the Neo QLED to enhance viewing experiences in every instance. In addition to the cutting-edge Neo Quantum Processor, this innovation is also backed by new Quantum Mini LEDs which, at 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs, ensure ultra-fine light control. 

The winning combination of deep blacks, bright lights, and Samsung’s smartest upscaling technology to date ensures the Neo QLED, which is available in 4K and 8K models, delivers an ultra-realistic picture – whether the family member you’re buying for is watching a sporting fixture or gaming through a console. What’s more, the Neo QLED collaborates in synergy with Samsung’s Dolby Atmos soundbars to deliver amazing surround sound and add the finishing touches to world-class visual-audio encounters. With this in mind, why wait to buy a Neo QLED as an Eid Al Adha gift? 

2. Exceptional smartphone experiences: What better way to treat someone special than buying the latest world-class smartphone? The Galaxy S21 Series 5G empowers everybody to share the world around them and connect with the things and people that matter most. Boasting pro-grade camera and video capabilities, premium viewing and connectivity experiences, and a bold and iconic design, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra have been introduced to change everything and ensure everyday moments are even more epic. Whether it’s the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 Ultra, each of these promise to bring happiness and excitement, and a major highlight is the most advanced camera ever to grace the Galaxy ecosystem. 1

In addition to improved Space Zoom, every moment captured in 8K video can be transformed to 33MP resolution photos. As for the new Director’s View feature, it allows users to control their video like a pro with live thumbnails. Furthermore, Samsung Knox provides peace of mind and security, the Contour Cut Camera Design adds to the irresistible appeal, and viewing experiences have never been clearer thanks to intelligent displays that provide immersion like never before.

3. The perfect fitness and lifestyle companion: All fitness watches track data, yet the next generation Galaxy Watch3 LTE stands apart. If your nearest and dearest are looking to stay healthy and active, the Galaxy Watch3 LTE is the perfect present. Backed with the winning combination of Galaxy Watch3 favorites and valuable new features, the device will deliver new meaning and enhance activities geared towards improving lifestyle and meeting fitness goals. 

The device measures blood pressure through pulse wave analysis, which is tracked with Heart Rate Monitoring sensors, while the electrocardiogram function works by analyzing the heart’s electrical activity via a sensor on the Galaxy Watch3 LTE. Running analysis offers real-time feedback during runs and workout reports that help improve form, boost performance, and reduce injury, while the wearable also boasts all the craftsmanship of a luxury timepiece and is comfortable to wear all day. For those who spend extended periods away from their phone, LTE models will allow them to take calls and message, stream playlists, and access apps on-the-go. 

4. Fan favorites, together as one: Buying a gift for someone who loves to play games or stay organized? Look no further than the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, the device that presents users with a combination of Galaxy Ecosystem features firmly established among the “fan favorite” category. The 12.4-inch display is one of the gateways to greater performance in work and play, helping to elevate productivity, gaming, and entertainment experiences. 

Users can also make the most of the tablet’s large display, stay organized, be creative, and work with more efficiency than ever with the complementary S Pen. And then there’s the power of the Galaxy Ecosystem to satisfy every need. Buds Pro Auto Switch ensures users can remain productive or entertained without switching between devices, while files, photos, and videos can be sent seamlessly to whomever you wish with Quick Share. Last but certainly not least, the battery also boosts the Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience. For gamers, competition will not be hindered by a quick loss of power. For everybody else, streaming and working will not be interrupted in a short period of time.