Zain KSA Rolls Out the “National Roaming” Service in Asir


In Partnership with CITC and other Telecom Operators

Zain KSA announced that it is supporting the “National Roaming” initiative launched by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) with the aim of maximizing the inclusiveness of telecommunication services throughout all Saudi regions and cities, with a particular focus on remote villages and desert areas. According to CITC’s plan, the initial phase of the initiative saw the launching of the service in Asir, enabling mobile users in the region to utilize any available telecommunications network whenever they are outside their carrier network’s coverage area. The roaming service is set to include all populated areas in remote villages and desert areas, covering around 21,000 villages and desert lands across 147 governorates throughout the Kingdom and serving over 5 million users.

Commenting on the initiative, Chief Business and Wholesale Officer at Zain KSA, Eng. Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan, lauded the introduction of the “National Roaming” service, emphasizing Zain KSA’s role as a key partner of CITC on this initiative which falls within the company’s unwavering commitment to support the nation-wide efforts of Vision 2030 to achieve inclusive digital transformation, delivering the best telecommunications and data services throughout the Kingdom. He added: “Inspired by the vision and ambition of our astute leadership to offer the best for our society, at Zain KSA we are pioneers in embracing such national initiatives, avidly seeking to ensure the sustainability and inclusiveness of telecommunications and data services in the Kingdom, which constitutes a fundamental part of our strategy to enhance the quality of life for citizens and residents. As such, the rollout of National Roaming will certainly contribute to introducing a balanced digital transformation strategy that ensures inclusiveness in delivering the service to all residents and visitors wherever they are within the Kingdom while also improving users’ experience and providing them with more options and competitive offers.”

It is worth noting that the National Roaming service will be part of the package offered by the service operator at no additional cost incurred by the user.