Zayed University kicks off the sixth White Cane event


The Student Accessibility Services Department organized the event to celebrate achievements of blind and visually impaired students  

zuaDubai, UAE: Shamsa Al Muhairi, a fresh psychology graduate from Zayed University, turned her vision impairment struggle into a success.

“I work now in the information technology department at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department and planning to start my postgraduate studies in psychology, with an aim to pursue a career in clinical or counseling psychology,” Shamsa said at the sixth White Cane event held at Zayed University yesterday (Wednesday) in Dubai Campus.

“My goals could not be achieved without the continuous and solid support of Zayed University, particularly the Student Accessibility Services Department. The University provided special needs students with all the necessary resources to help each of them become a successful member of their communities and has full access to the general curriculum in order to improve academic performance and reach full potential,” she added.  

Under the theme “With My Cane, I Excel and Attain,” the event took place in the female promenade at Dubai campus and was organized by the Student Accessibility Services Department.

Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, Dr Marilyn Roberts, Provost at Zayed University, and Fatma Al Qassimi, Director of the Student Accessibility Services Department, inaugurated the event, which will be held in Abu Dhabi on November 7th and 9th.  

The White Cane event aims to enlighten students, staff and faculty members on the best practices that can encourage individuals with special needs and celebrate the achievements of blind and visually impaired people.

On this occasion, Professor AlMehaideb said: “Zayed University has always been committed to promote the spirit of equality, self-help, and mutual-help for students with low or no vision. Undeniably, technology is a significant part of that equation to meet the student’s individual and unique learning needs.”

Devices such as Clear Reader, Piaf Tactile Image Maker, and Clear View are available at the Student Accessibility Services Department at Zayed University to provide visually impaired or blind students with the independence to compete effectively with peers.

A large number of Zayed University volunteers have participated in the white cane event. Booths were installed in the female promenade and held several workshops, such as low vision class simulator, treasure hunt, eating in the dark, braille, while cane, and assistive technology.  

Many students were seen blindfolded while performing diverse tasks and activities to experience life and feelings that non-sighted people do.

During the event, Fatma said: “With more than 100 students with disabilities at Zayed University, of which around 28 are visually impaired, the Student Accessibility Services Department is always committed to provide academic and social services to help them complete their studies and participate in events and activities held on campus.”

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