Bebuzzd creates unique wall art portrait of ‘Sheikh Zayed’ as part of 45th UAE National Day celebration


Tribute to UAE’s founding father using 4,000 multi-coloured sticky notes was done in 168 hours by 55 employees from 17 different nationalities

bebuzzds-unique-wall-art-portrait-of-sheikh-zayedDUBAI, UAE: Bebuzzd, a new Dubai-based multi-store mobile app loyalty program, joins the whole nation in celebrating the UAE’s 45th founding anniversary with a wall art portrait of the country’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, completely made up of sticky notes. The wall art portrait is the company’s way of showing the spirit of the nation and the unique multi-cultural diversity that the country represents through an innovative and digital approach.

The tribute portrait to UAE’s founding father used a total of 4,000 multi-coloured sticky notes and was done in 168 hours by 55 of its employees from 17 different nationalities. The company is set to showcase this unique wall art image during the country’s celebration of UAE National Day on December 2, 2016 under the hashtag #WeLoveUAE and will also be posting a specially produced video detailing how the tribute image was made across Bebuzzd social media platforms in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

According to Bebuzzd senior executives, the portrait pays tribute to UAE founding father Sheikh Zayed while also complementing the country’s vision towards innovation, as the image was designed utilizing innovative concepts and a digital approach. Bebuzzd employees that participated in the initiative shared that this was their way of expressing their love and respect and to say thank you to the UAE—by showcasing its multiculturalism and true spirit.