Dreamworks Spa strikes up strategic new partnership with Bebuzzd


All 12 outlets of leading spa services provider in Dubai enrolled into new multi-store mobile app loyalty program

Abdul Nazeer, CEO of Bebuzzd

DUBAI – UAE,: Bebuzzd, a new Dubai-based multi-store mobile app loyalty program, has added Dreamworks Spa, one of the country’s top spa services provider, to its growing list of partner establishments. Under the strategic new partnership, all 12 outlets of Dreamworks Spa in Dubai can now run their own loyalty program while being part of an exclusive network of businesses that have enrolled with the Bebuzzd loyalty program–a breakthrough concept that aims at providing a simple, easy-to-manage, cost-effective loyalty program catering to all types of businesses.

According to Bebuzzd senior executives, the new digital system outsmarts the old fashioned and traditional loyalty programs being used in the market today. The strategic new partnership will allow Dreamworks Spa to offer a customized loyalty system that can help create a unique reward scheme to fit its business needs. With the new loyalty program in place, the leading spa brand will now have the advantage to retain existing customers through the provision of reward offerings on their spending while also presenting a more innovative means of socially interacting with business managers or owners. Bebuzzd allows Dreamworks Spa to bring back customers through personalized rewards, which are seen to have 10 times higher redemption rates than conventional online coupons.

“We are offering big and small businesses in the UAE with a powerful loyalty system in UAE. We can definitely meet all their business needs through one single powerful app like Bebuzzd,” said Abdul Nazeer, CEO of Bebuzzd. “We welcome Dreamworks Spa to our growing network of partner establishments. Working hand in hand with partners like Dreamworks Spa will give them the ability to easily connect with their customers. Our program will help Dreamworks Spa in retaining their existing customers and turn their new customers into loyal customers.”

Business managers can now manage the business anytime, anywhere through the Bebuzzd loyalty program’s Manager app, which will allow store managers or owners to manage their business in real time. The app shows statistics, transactions, rewards, and points redeemed, which allows businesses to recognize their customer behavior; gain their insights; and receive private feedback right through the manager app. The manager app also allows store managers or owners to monitor their staff performance. As an example, Dreamworks Spa customers will now be able to start enjoying amazing deals and will also give customers the ability to send feedbacks’ direct to the manager and track their activity through the Bebuzzd app.

“We are very excited with enrolling with the new Bebuzzd loyalty program–it’s user friendly and extremely straight forward. As a business partner, Bebuzzd is giving us full control of the customer database that is simple and at the same time detailed. The best feature is that it allows businesses like us to easily recognize customer behavior, gain their insights and receive private feedback right through the manager app. The push notifications and consumer behavior tailored promos is definitely a unique feature, which simplifies, adds more value to our marketing strategy and helps us identify what and where to improve our operations,” concluded Christian Kiefer, General Manager, Dreamworks Spa.