‘Expert Talk Show’ webinar series features ‘4 Hacks to Your Healthy Future’


Popular online show sponsored by Falconcity of Wonders highlights trends in healthy lifestyle choices

Following the continued success of the ‘Experts Talk Show,’ which has attracted thousands of viewers and listeners across the UAE and the region, the webinar series, held on November 18,  put the spotlight on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during its 10th episode themed ‘4 Hacks to Your Healthy Future’. The highly acclaimed online show, which is sponsored and organized by Falconcity of Wonders L.L.C., featured a healthy discussion among leading experts including Alharith Almoosa, Vice Chairman, Falconcity of Wonders; Dr. Aref Al Anooryani, CEO, Al Qasimi Hospital, Head of Cardiac Center; Jakub Dvoracek, Personal Fitness Lifestyle Coach; and Jassim Al Bastaki, an economic affairs researcher, who moderated the session.

Commenting on the session, Almoosa said: “The ‘Experts Talks Show’ has become very popular for its interesting insights, opinions and recommendations that have helped many people gain better knowledge about trends and topics that matter in today’s modern living. We have become more dynamic in terms of topics and have expanded to talking lifestyle concerns, which has become ever more important, particularly the practice of a healthy diet and training. We are proud that the show has garnered a unique appeal to become a platform for thought leaders and experts from various fields.”

Dr. Al Anooryani noted: “As mental stress has taken a toll on many people’s lives, it is important to pay attention to the body’s response to it, especially the heart, and work on improving one’s physical fitness to relieve from heaviness and pressure. It has been a very pleasant experience to interact with the audience and share easy tips on keeping the heart’s health, no matter the age.” 

Dvoracek, added: “Now more than ever, people should give extra attention to staying physically fit and active due to the extended hours of working and sitting, most especially if one is only at home, working. This sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy food options, which are quite easy to reach, can have a disastrous impact on the body. Maintaining the balance requires an understanding of the mental and physical effects of an unhealthy lifestyle to one’s future.”