Green Building Innovation in HVAC Enters Jordan Market

Eng. Akram Sawalha – Director, Elite Real Estate Investment Co.; Eng. Hassan Bouran – Managing Director & Co-Founder, Smart-Build; Dr. Ghassan Al-Nimry – Director, Eco-Structures International, Co-Founder Smart-Build; Eng. Wael Nawawi; Eng. Imad Dabbas – Head of Coordination Committee, JEA; Eng. Malik Alwan – Sustainable Construction & Building Center, RSS; Eng. Farouk Tadros – Membership Director, AIA

Amman, Jordan: Eco-Structures International, Jordan Green Building Council’s newest member, held an evening with Amman’s most innovative engineers and architects at the Karim Gallery on 29 December 2018 to discuss the disruptive thermal energy storage HVAC design system, TermoDeck.

Attendees included representatives from the Sustainable Construction & Building Center of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA), and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  

Dubai-based Eco-Structures International received three regional awards from the World Green Building Council and Climate Control in 2018 for TermoDeck’s positive impact on air movement and ventilation, indoor air quality and building envelope of the year, and has received high LEED and BREAAM scores worldwide for its reduced cost low energy performance.   

TermoDeck is a reduced cost green solution that is proven to provide clean indoor air at a low carbon impact, and is now available to Jordan’s construction industry.

According to Eco-Structures’ Chief Strategy Officer Randa Mouammar, “Climate change does not stop at national borders so it is crucial for green stakeholders to collaborate on innovative approaches proven to enhance efficiency, reduce building costs and improve indoor air environments across the region. To galvanize support for the disruption that TermoDeck brings to the industry, Eco-Structures has established a presence in Amman with its Jordanian partner, Smart Build.”

TermoDeck is a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) thermal energy storage system, where cooled or heated, dehumidified, filtered and clean air is circulated within building envelopes’ concrete slabs, slashing installed cooling and heating capacity, reducing energy consumption, improving IAQ and lowering the carbon footprint of buildings.

Dr. Ghassan Al Nimry, Director of Eco-Structures International and Co-Founder of Smart Build explains that improved air quality is just one of many sustainability successes his companies bring to the regional market. “In this industry, we sometimes forget that HVAC’s sole purpose is to provide a comfortable indoor environment for occupants, especially in this region where we spend 95% of our time indoors. We speak a lot about the quantifiable benefits of TermoDeck’s thermal energy storage HVAC system, how it lowers capital costs, halves installed cooling and heating capacity, cuts connected electrical load, reduces operations and maintenance costs, electricity consumption, etc., we forget our key advantage: improved occupant comfort and human health. TermoDeck is a next-generation positive disruption to the HVACR industry, advancing technology while simultaneously simplifying the entire system.”  

About Eco-Structures International:

Eco-Structures International is a specialist engineering advisory firm in construction, energy and environment, founded in 2007 and committed to a sustainable future. It sources, develops and partners with leading international firms with proven technologies that reduce energy consumption, speed up construction, reduce/reuse/recycle waste, treat water, improve indoor air quality and human health.​

About Smart Build:

Smart Build was founded in 2018 and is collaborating with Eco-Structures to bring to the Jordanian market engineering advisory services and reduced cost building solutions, including TermoDeck and InterBlock.