Innovative Next Generation Technology Wins Another Two Prestigious Awards


Dubai, UAE – Eco-Structures International, representing the technology “TermoDeck,” was named Manufacturer/ Supplier of the Year (air movement/ ventilation) and Building Envelope of the Year (Contributing Manufacturer/ Supplier) at the 8th Annual Climate Control Awards held on 27 November 2018 at the Roda Al Murooj Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

The annual event recognises and honours stakeholders in the HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) industry for their contribution to socio-economic and sustainable development through business best practices and cutting-edge and cost-effective technological solutions and services. Monitored by Bin Khadim, Radha & Co Chartered Accountants the event was attended by industry leaders and dignitaries, including H.E. Ludovic Pouille, the French Ambassador to the UAE. Eco-Structures competed in the winning categories and was shortlisted in three categories alongside other sustainability heavyweights Carrier, Dow, Kingspan Insulation, Leminar Air-Conditioning Industries, Ziehl-Abegg, Oxycom, and Maico Gulf LLC.

The awards were granted to Eco-Structures as the region’s exclusive supplier of TermoDeck, a LEED and BREAAM Certified innovative heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) thermal energy storage system that circulates cooled, dehumidified, filtered and clean air within building envelopes’ concrete slabs, slashing installed AC capacity, reducing energy consumption, improving IAQ and lowering the carbon footprint of buildings. This is the third award for TermoDeck by Eco-Structures in 2018 following the World Green Building Council’s MENA Green Building Award for Indoor Air Quality this past May.

Dr. Ghassan Al Nimry, Director of Eco-Structures International explains that improved air quality is just one of many sustainability successes his company brings to the regional market. “In this industry, we forget sometimes that HVAC’s sole purpose is to provide a comfortable indoor environment for occupants (especially in this region where we spend 95% of our time indoors). We speak a lot about the quantifiable benefits of TermoDeck’s thermal energy AC system, how it lowers capital costs, halves installed AC capacity, cuts connected electrical load, reduces operations and maintenance costs, electricity consumption, etc., we forget our key advantage: improved occupant comfort and human health. We build energy efficient occupant comfort into our structures, and that is why we were able to make the submission for both the envelop and the air movement/ ventilation categories.”

Eco-Structures was the only company able to supply a single innovation to satisfy criteria for those two distinct categories. “TermoDeck is unique because it is a building system that integrates the HVAC system into the building structure, designing a living breathing building in through holistic designs and relying on TermoDeck’s highly advanced and patented software. Using conventional HVAC, there has to be a compromise between capital cost, operating cost and indoor environmental quality. So, the conventional options are to build more expensively in order to get better indoor comfort. Or to tolerate high energy consumption in order to ensure the lowest construction cost. With TermoDeck, there is no compromise. We can ensure a lower construction cost, lower operating cost and energy consumption and superior indoor environment. It truly disrupts the HVACR industry in a positive way, advancing the technology while simultaneously simplifying the entire system.”

Dr. Al Nimry stresses the importance of improving air quality through the implementation of sustainable building practices, as well as upon improving the health and productivity of building occupants. “Studies have shown that people perform better, and are healthier, when the air inside occupied spaces is clean. TermoDeck buildings can be designed to have 50+% fresh air circulation with extremely low levels of bacteriological growth, and no drafts or sounds from AC vents.”

Eco-Structures’ Chief Strategy Officer, Randa Mouammar, also noted: “Innovations that improve our quality of life for today and tomorrow are really what sustainability is about. We hope that more schools, offices,, homes malls and hotels, will construct greener buildings using TermoDeck, providing cleaner air and improving human health and productivity across the region.”

About Eco-Structures International:

Eco-Structures International is a specialist engineering advisory firm in construction, energy and environment, founded in 2007 and committed to a sustainable future. It sources, develops and partners with leading international firms with proven technologies that reduce energy consumption, speed up construction, reduce/reuse/recycle waste, treat water, improve indoor air quality and human health.​

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