GVG Real Estate Development to hand over 217 units and hotel apartments at its ‘Emirates Touristic Resort’ development in Morocco within 6 months


Dubai, UAE: GVG Real Estate Development, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has announced it will start handing over 217 units of its iconic mega-project “Emirates Touristic Resort” in Morocco within six months. Construction on-ground is progressing rapidly with plans to complete the first and second phase in Q2 2021 which include 97 residential villas and 8 buildings incorporating 120 hotel apartments, and start handing it over to investors.

The ‘Emirates Touristic Resort’ extends over an area of more than 47 million sq. ft., and features 350 modern residential villas with a distinctive Emirati style, 36 hotel apartment buildings with lush green landscapes, medical tourism centers, a spa, a sauna, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, sports complexes, swimming pools as well as green parks.

In his comments, Ali Al Salami, founder and president of GVG, said: “The project is being developed in four phases, two of which are already under completion and include infrastructure works, and an 80% completion rate for the construction works for the first batch of residential villas as well as 40% of construction works for the first batch of hotel apartment buildings is completed. We are dealing patiently with the economic challenges posed by the pandemic; however, we have succeeded in securing the project’s supply chains with construction and human resources and equipping the work site with the engineering teams and the required mechanism in order to continue construction works throughout the week.”