Lumen At Work pivots to success by using innovation and strategy during covid-19 lockdowns


Business agility helps Lumen At Work thrive during the pandemic

Dubai: Lumen At Work, an award-winning lighting solutions expert, reports exceptional results during the pandemic.

Applying business agility to the challenges posed by covid-19, Lumen At Work has recorded a 25% increase in turnover. It sharpened its marketing strategy with a new website and catalogue during the lockdown, and pivoted its offering to meet the new market demands. When research about the impact UV light has on eliminating covid-19 emerged, Lumen At Work embraced it by introducing solutions with UV light emission. Its experts developed standalone and retrofit kits for open spaces, restrooms, elevators, and more.

Note: UV-C is dangerous and must be used under extremely strict conditions. Lumen At Work installs three-tier security in its products to ensure safety.

“Covid-19 introduced challenges in almost every part of life. It transformed and inhibited the way people work, live, shop, and so much more. We are pleased to have discovered a way to be of service during the pandemic, helping companies switch to energy and environmentally efficient solutions”, says Francois Jarrossay, Founder of Lumen At Work.

Lumen At Work wasn’t just busy in the GCC, it was also commissioned to retrofit a leading French retailer’s shops while France was in lockdown. 

With more than 200 outlets in Europe, its client contracted the team to replace its old high-energy consumption products with Lumen At Work’s new eco-friendly, low-consumption LED track lights. 

Despite decreased salaries as a practical coping mechanism during the pandemic, Lumen At Work’s employees were compensated when the company’s revenue increased. Staying “human” is the brand’s core tenet.

About Lumen At Work:

Lumen At Work is a French-led lighting solutions expert with a sustainable approach at its heart. Its range of solutions spans lighting for retail and landscape to industrial, linear systems, and beyond. Notably the only company to use Dialux software in the GCC, its innovative work has won awards and industry-wide recognition.