Seminar on yacht and series of b2b meetings


The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe” is an extraordinary, unique campaign in which there is no room for boredom. This time, we took our business partners from the fruit sector on a yacht cruise on the Dubai Marina to conduct an information seminar on our crops in beautiful natural circumstances, and at the same time to strengthen and nurture our business contacts.

The yacht cruise is only part of a wider, 4-day event addressed to industry and media representatives in the second year of the campaign, also consisting of a series of several dozen B2B meetings that we conducted with representatives of the fruit industry in Dubai. The seminar was held during a yacht cruise, to which representatives of business and industry media were invited, thanks to which the range of activities was increased and additionally strengthened. The seminar for 8 industry representatives (importers, representatives of retail chains) and 2 journalists was held on March 27 this year. The yacht cruise created a unique atmosphere conducive to networking. These types of events are indeed a great way to strengthen existing business relationships. In such a setting, permanent business relationships are established, which result in subsequent commercial contracts. This way of operating is especially important in Arab culture, where deep, personal relationships are valued.

The following presentations were presented during the seminar:

1. Cultivation of an orchard: establishing an orchard, care, work in an orchard.

2. Modern horticulture: trends, new varieties, club varieties, development of horticulture in Europe, technologies in the orchard.

3. Sorting plant: the way of apples from the orchard to the sorting plant, work in the sorting plant, storage and then export.

4. Certification, safety of fruit production.

5. European Apples – description of the varieties promoted within the campaign, their taste and quality – the influence of the climate, nature, tradition of horticulture, production and export statistics.

The seminar lasted about 2 hours, and the scope of knowledge provided corresponded to the knowledge that recipients could obtain when visiting orchards and production plants. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, the Study Tour of Emirati companies to Poland planned for this year could not be implemented.

During the seminar, participants were also shown a film recorded in orchards as part of the “Webinar and educational film” activity, which strengthened the educational part of the event and information about apple cultivation in Europe. After the seminar and film presentation, the participants sat down to the gala dinner. During this event, participants were also distributed packages of program materials (bag, folder, flash drive, pen) as well as gifts.

The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe” aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and re-export markets from the UAE.