Webinar for fruit sector


The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – discover the quality of apples from Europe” is aimed not only at promoting European apples in the UAE, but also informing about the current state of fruit-growing and apple production as well as strategies that are implemented by European producer associations to European apples may have had a sustained and growing market share in the UAE and other Gulf countries.

One of the last activities of our campaign was the organization of an information webinar for the fruit industry in the UAE. The webinar was combined with the organization of 16 B2B meetings for industry representatives, importers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables in the United Arab Emirates, as well as for the media.

The aim of these activities was to establish and strengthen the existing trade contacts, as well as to provide direct information on apple production in Europe and Poland against the background of world production (including statistical data). During the webinar, three experts presented presentations, talking about the mechanisms guaranteeing high safety of agri-food products from the European Union, about growing in harmony with nature and sustainable agriculture, as well as practical commercial information on the possibility of ordering and shipping goods from Europe to the United Arab Emirates .

The webinar focused on the following issues: the quality of apples from Europe – factors that affect the quality and taste, guarantee of safety and traceability – control mechanisms and production in harmony with nature, European Apples – the main export product to third markets. 250 people from the business and media circles were invited.

The local coordinator in the UAE market also conducted a series of 16 B2B meetings lasting 3 days. During the meetings, entrepreneurs were presented with offers prepared by representatives of the Fruit Union, and campaign materials were distributed. The meetings were held at the headquarters of companies in the United Arab Emirates.

The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe” aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and re-export markets from the UAE.