Summary of two years of the campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – discover the quality of apples from Europe”


The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – discover the quality of apples from Europe” has come to an end, so we would like to present a small summary at the end.

It was two years of a very interesting campaign, very effective, despite the obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it was also a campaign different than any other and random events forced us to redefine certain activities, increased creativity and crisis management. The effects were surprisingly positive and in a way it can be said that the pandemic made our campaign more interesting, forced us to look for extraordinary solutions.

So let’s take a look at what it looked like over time. The promotional campaign for European apples started in April 2019. Our assumption was not to repeat the campaign from 2014-2017, but rather to supplement and continue the previous activities. Since we started almost from scratch during the previous campaign, we had to convince distributors and super and hypermarket chains that it was worth importing our apples. As we succeeded, this campaign focused more on reaching the UAE consumer, so our ads appeared in English and Arabic-language newspapers, not in the trade press. The industry press was also involved and we certainly did not forget about it, because our PR articles, which we prepared a total of 24 during these 2 years, were sent to our specially built database of journalists and “food” bloggers. Outdoor advertisements and advertisements in newspapers were aimed at contacting the consumer and convincing him that it is worth choosing European apples. We have significantly developed our contacts both among the fruit industry in the UAE, as well as among journalists and other media representatives. We tried to meet the requirements of our times and gradually engaged bloggers and social media influencers to cooperate.

In September 2019, we managed to organize a study visit of Emirati entrepreneurs and media representatives to Poland. During the 4-day stay in Grójec, they could see the quality of our apples and see the apple harvest with their own eyes in beautiful natural circumstances.

In November 2019, we were an exhibitor at the WOP fair in Dubai. During the fair, we not only managed to hold dozens of B2B meetings with local distribution companies and chain stores, but also organized a conference during the fair, which attracted the attention of over 100 people from the business and media environment.

  In December 2019, we exhibited at the SIAL fair in Abu Dhabi, where we also held several dozen b2b meetings.

The unexpected COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 forced us to suspend some of our activities, but we continued to maintain contacts and conduct PR activities, including through ZOOM. But at the end of this unusual year, we have planned a lot of creative activities for the year 2021.

At the turn of January and February 2021, we conducted a two-week promotion of European apples in 4 of the most popular shopping centers in the UAE. This action was extremely popular. Hundreds of people have tasted our apples and shared favorable opinions with us, asking with interest where to buy our apples. In February 2021, despite the ongoing pandemic, we managed to once again become an exhibitor at Gulfood, the largest food fair in the region. Despite the restrictions, we managed to conduct dozens of very satisfying meetings that will result in lucrative contracts.

The end of the campaign is incredibly creative activities that went better than we might have expected. In March 2021, in the last month of the campaign, we conducted a webinar during which 247 people listened to our expert presentations on apple cultivation!

Finally, a completely extraordinary event. We organized a seminar that took place … on a yacht! Well, we came up with the idea to take advantage of the Emirati sun and natural circumstances, and we organized a seminar during a four-hour cruise on the Dubai Marina, where our guests could not only learn about the cultivation of European apples, but also strengthen business relations. Nothing influences business in Arab countries more than friendly business relations.

At the very end of the campaign, we sent out to 250 selected people from the industry gifts in the form of tablets with a film shot in the Grójec orchards, usb, catalog and a few other small items. This can only positively affect both our relations and export statistics.

It was certainly a promotional campaign to remember.

The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe” aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the market

to the United Arab Emirates and re-export markets from the UAE.

The campaign is over, but we still invite you to contact us and continue our business relations.