European apples are conquering the palates of Emirati consumers in major shopping malls! We are halfway through the promotion


Our promotion of European apples in Emirati shopping centers, as part of the promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe”, has exceeded our wildest expectations. We are currently at the halfway point of the promotion, where for a week we presented our apples in one of the largest and most visited shopping centers in Dubai – City Center Deira and City Center Mirdif. The aforementioned centers belong to the largest chain, Majid Al Futtaim, and are very popular among the residents of the UAE.

Our stands are very popular. Customers of shopping centers eagerly reach for our apples and, what is especially important, are very interested in the purpose of our promotion, they ask where you can buy our apples and are happy to share their opinions on them. They also asked what distinguishes our apples. All the questions were answered by specially trained hostesses.

The stand offers many interesting attractions for apple gourmets. A 360-degree film about the production of European apples is shown throughout the day. In addition, a 3D apple is displayed on the stand by means of LED lights to attract attention. The European apples, which we serve to supermarket customers, come originally from Poland and this is the royal gala variety, very popular in the UAE. In addition, we distribute information leaflets about our campaign and other apple varieties.

We have received many positive opinions on the taste of our apples. Visitors to the shopping centers were very pleased with the taste of the apples we offer. The color of the apples, their shape and size were appreciated. The apple packaging also gained recognition. Customers liked the fact that the apples are packed in cardboard boxes with a cut-out through which the apple can be seen. There were also several trade offers. Many people who took advantage of the promotion returned to us during the next days of the campaign, due to the fact that they liked the apples very much. Due to the COVID pandemic we had to apply special procedures to adhere to the rules.

There is no doubt that thanks to this promotion, we have become much more recognizable among UAE consumers. It can be said that their response is very enthusiastic and positive. The halfway point of the campaign is behind us. We are now moving our stands to two other malls in other parts of Dubai to reach as many UAE residents as possible. From 8 to 14 February, our apples will be available at City Center Me’iasem and City Center Al Barsha. You’re welcome!

The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – learn the quality of apples from Europe” aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and the re-export markets from the UAE.