Promotion in Dubai Shopping Malls. The campaign “Strength of taste, vitamins and colors – discover the quality of apples from Europe” will mark its presence in Dubai shopping centers – be sure to visit us!


“The power of taste, vitamins and colors – get to know the quality of apples from Europe” is a promotional campaign run by the Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors “Fruit Union”, which aims to promote European apples in the United Arab Emirates. The second year of our campaign will bring many attractive activities, one of which will soon be in Dubai.

We are pleased to announce that, starting on January 31, we will be running a two-week promotional campaign in four popular shopping malls in Dubai, where we will have promotional stands where you will be able to taste the European apple! The whole action will last two weeks and you will be able to meet us at City Center Mirdiff (31.01-06.02.2021), City Center Deira (31.01-06.02.2021), City Center Me’iasem (08-14.02.2021) and City Center Al Barsha (08-14 February 2021).

For two weeks, you will be able to visit our stands, find out about the apples we promote and taste our apples. For the sake of safety and the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, apples will be distributed whole in cardboard packaging.

We will also try to answer the possible question of where you can buy our apples, what are their characteristics and what is their phenomenon. Our stands will be at your disposal during the opening hours of the aforementioned shopping centers, i.e. on weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on weekends (Friday-Saturday) from 10:00 am to midnight : 00.

The Fruit Union, managing the European apple campaign project, is currently the largest association in Poland acting to support domestic producers and distributors of fruit and vegetables. Its activity is based on the social commitment of the members of its organization, constantly taking actions to improve the conditions in export. This is also our goal by organizing tastings in the most popular shopping centers – we want to familiarize you with the taste of our apples, their common culinary use and encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

The promotional campaign “The power of taste, vitamins and colors – learn the quality of apples from Europe” aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and the re-export markets from the UAE.