ukbotyLondon, UK; among top leading UK companies and with a platform of global leaders to assess global UK organizations; Resilience& has been successfully shortlisted for UK Business of the Year Award (2016) by BOC Brilliance Awards.

 This award is designed to celebrate a UK company whose growth, ambition and quality of management has enabled it to out-perform its peers financially, and for a company that has delivered on a compelling business strategy.

In 2015, Resilience& has been established in UK as Global Network for Consulting firms. Resilience& has developed its name based on its belief of its meaning across different aspects in life. It is a concept (and message in the same time) that is embedded in all what we are doing towards empowering people, organizations and communities.

Resilience& Transformation – ‘Committed towards transformation’ is our slogan and part of our global existence. Transformation means for us the continuous improvement to cope with changes and lead such disruptive age in business, economies, cultures and technology.

How did Resilience& reach this global award?

Resilience& is a UK-based network of independently owned and managed consulting firms and independent experts who are leading different consulting practices to empower the community being more resilient in front of market and world’s dynamics. It is a world class practice-oriented consulting firm rendering advisory, audit and benchmarking. Resilience& is committed towards transformation.

We are advising leading organizations to achieve real transformation in their operational models through business transformation, HR transformation, technology transformation, process transformation, PMO transformation, and culture transformation.

What are the exceptional factors to be shortlisted?

What is next?

Resilience& is a having a long-term roadmap towards excellence and empowering people, organizations and communities through their transformation journeys. This award is an honor to be shortlisted for, but it cannot be taken for granted. Success is a continuous fuel for our Transformation’s momentum.

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