Resilience&’s Mobile App and e-Magazine “Orchestrator” has been shortlisted as the Best New Product Launch Award (2016)


best-new-productLondon, UK; Resilience&’s mobile app and e-magazine “Orchestrator” has been successfully shortlisted for the Best New Product Launch Award (2016) by BOC Brilliance Awards.

 Orchestrator is the First Global Mobile App dedicated for Transformation

 Since day one, Resilience& believed in coupling transformation advisory services with innovation. The thing that led to deliver a unique babe to the world, i.e. Orchestrator mobile app and e-magazine.

 Orchestrator is one of Resilience&’s products that has been crafted to serve the global business community and empower organizations towards Business Transformation. It has been released during 2016 as two forms:

  1. Orchestrator Magazine
  2. Mobile Application

Orchestrator Magazine

Orchestrator Magazine is a non-for-profit business insights magazine dedicated for highlighting new and evolving concepts, ideas and showing success models in different business and technological practices across different industries through Resilience& community. A community-driven initiative from Resilience& to contribute to the community enrichment with different insightful articles from different community groups to empower individuals, organizations and the entire community.

Orchestrator Mobile App

It’s an innovative mobile application featuring all latest insights and trends on the business transformation challenges facing global business leaders across different functional areas; HR transformation, business transformation, digital / technology transformation, process transformation, PMO transformation, women transformational leadership, government, and community transformation. Content includes articles, interviews, videos, surveys, studies, podcasts, global employment and recruitment opportunities in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What is the secret behind Innovation?

On summer 2016, a 19-years old intern has joined Resilience& Middle East (Kuwait office). Mr. Mohammed Jakir was about to start his journey towards higher education, but his passion towards learning new things led him to join Resilience& summer intern to explore a new world of possibilities. Only after two-months, he pushed the management to acquire his talents into more senior tasks and sensitive exposure in critical missions with heavy duties under Resilience& Innovation Team. He just proved that he can digest more and more. After two months of sleepless night, he presented a well-rounded and stable mobile application to be the first global mobile application dedicated for Transformation.

Resilience& Global Innovation team is the glory team behind this innovative step. Resilience& dedicates this honour to Mohammed Jakir, who crafted the Orchestrator Mobile App from scratch in an unbelievable timeframe to prove how capable Resilience& Innovation team is and how the firm can reach such global prestigious stage of recognition.