Wondering how to apply HR Transformation to organizations? Participants in the first Resilience& Middle East Business Transformation Conference, that will open the doors on 15th of December 2016 in Kuwait, will tackle in details the various aspects of the HR Transformation, as it is one of the main themes and pillars of the event.

The Conference will represent a unique opportunity for senior executives leading the HR Transformation inside their organizations to discuss HR Transformation concepts, insights, trends or implementation models with regional subject matter experts, researchers, coaches and transformation leaders. Different inspirational roundtables and sessions will be organized for the participants to join this new wave of people management and strategic HR practice based on the latest performance-driven management systems, lean processes, KPIs, and performance excellence.

Since a while, the Middle East region is witnessing important changes and large disruptions happening in terms of economies, innovations, industries, social reforms or political positioning. In response to these changing environments, organizations are requested to adapt and transform, to keep going on the way of success. How to tackle the different types of disruptions and their impact on organizations and communities is the principal objective of the Business Transformation Conference, first of its kind event in the region, creating a well-rounded platform of knowledge and a consolidated transformation experience for all executives leading the transformation or keen to get inspired and empowered for new transformation projects in their organizations.

Having chosen Kuwait as location of this major Middle East transformation event is not by chance. Kuwait is a real regional capital of transformation, with ongoing mega infrastructure transformation projects, unique government transformation, important digital transformation initiatives and as one of the most resilient economies in the region, despite market’s disruptions.

This Business Transformation Conference and Awards have been initiated and sponsored by Resilience&, a recognized transformation specialist, as part of its 2020 vision for global community development. More details about the event and registrations on: