YIACO has received Resilience& Transformation Award at the First Middle East Business Conference and Awards – Kuwait is the Capital of Transformation ME2016


Thursday, 15th December 2016, in the State of Kuwait, YIACO Medical Company (YIACO) has received Resilience& Transformation Award at the ceremony of the First Middle East Business Conference and Awards – Kuwait is the Capital of Transformation ME (2016).

This Transformation’s award has been designed for qualifying professional organizations across different industries who can show their capability of designing and implementing successful Transformation Initiatives to reach performance excellence and business process optimization. YIACO has successfully showed its commitments towards reliable strategic milestones to position their brand in a unique and remarkable place at their customers, suppliers and partners.

The evaluation of this award has many factors to qualify only agile and innovative business leaders against Resilience&’s global benchmark of the Business Transformation Index (BTI). The BTI evaluation has assessed the following areas:

  • Business Fitness
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Customer Care and Engagement
  • Corporate Communication
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Business Development
  • Strategy and Scorecard
  • Sustainable Planning

With the combination of those indicators, YIACO has successfully achieved high score in the BTI assessment and well deserved Resilience& Transformation Award for its successful Transformation Journey.

Dr. Bader Altraiji, CEO – YIACO, has represented YIACO for receiving the Award and he shared an inspiring and motivating speech dedicated to his team. He believed in the existing capacity of his current staff and he pushed more and more towards the potential they have. At the end, he can see fruitful rewarding results that he believes still more to come. He considered this award as a vote of confidence in his team and the company’s vision towards the future. “We realize that there is a long road ahead of us, bust such recognitions give us an energy boost and nourishes our optimism.” Dr. Altraiji.

At the end of his speech, he thanked Resilience& Global Transformation practice for such prestigious award rewarding moment and the continuous community inspiration.

Resilience& is a global Award-winning Transformation Consulting firm. Founded in UK with regional presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Resilience& is a world class practice-oriented consulting firm rendering advisory, audit and benchmarking. Resilience& is committed towards transformation.